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Our Puppies

Welcome to the newest addition to our page! Here you will see some of our kids that have already started their adventure's in their new homes. It's important to ask yourself "why is it so important that you find a reputable breeder?" In short, the most crucial time in your puppies life is between 0-8 weeks in age. Everything a breeder does during this span is either, setting your puppy to be bold, outgoing, and eager to please or on the flip side, doing absolutely nothing.... For us, our puppies are on a schedule, they go through scent detection, starting at just a few days old then proceed into the avidog program, which builds a confident pup. All of our puppies are ready for live Birds by 4-5 weeks old, we do not support using bird wings after the puppies eyes are open. Aren't all puppies created equal? NO... If puppies are not raised with exposure to sounds, people, kids, textures, smells, and doing their nails you can end up with a lot of work on your plate.. So before you decide on your next best friend and companion be sure to look into and ask a lot of questions about puppy rearing.

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