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A Breeders Insight!

Newborn Weimaraner
one week old GSP play
DVM Rebecca Williams with our Weimaraners
Newborn GSP

Hello and Welcome.

We hope that you find some value in the information we have provided.

Usually when most people think about breeding it’s usually just about taking your brand new puppy home. My objective here is to further explain the process when a breeder is planning a litter. Reputable Breeders prove ALL dogs they're considering breeding, by showing, field tests and through health testing. Once we have completed ALL of the components we have to find a dog that is the right match.... Not as easy as it sounds.. Most good breeders do not own the male and female and must find the right match out of equally proven dogs. Typical wait time from submitting your application, being vetted and taking your new pup home on average is 6-12 months. If you come across a breeder that has puppies available NOW or based on their website has frequent litters its highly urged you thoroughly investigate their credentials and solicit feedback from other local breeders. When you are considering adding a Weimaraner puppy to your family it is encouraged to research the breed and contact several breeders and decide who is the right fit for your family. Good breeders become friends and you stay connected for the life of the dog.   Buying a pet from a show/field breeder is buying a dog that for the rest of its life has a second home, its parents had health testing to make sure the dog lives a long healthy life, and lastly a lifetime of support, mentorship and  understanding of the breed. Good Luck in your search and I look forward to meeting you.

A little about Our process and puppies and what to expect.

All of our puppies are temperament tested (Avi dog) and scent detection, and will be matched to fit your lifestyle. A few things they will learn before going home;  crate and potty training, socialized with kids, adults as well as other dogs. They will be exposed to live birds as well as water and gun simulation. I find that even if you do not hunt this helps with loud events and holidays when these noises are common. Lastly, you can expect to be able to take your puppy home between 8-12 weeks old. We will send you resources for nutritional needs such as the type of food we use. I like to send the pups home with their first set of shots. I am very active in the breed and also very connected to my families that own one of my puppies and I love to get updates from time to time.

Our priority, We place priority in placing our top dogs in pet homes that will allow them to be shown and do Field Testing, with that said not every puppy in a litter should or will be shown, so if this is something you are absolutely against please let us know.

Newborn GSP
Weimaraner being born!
Flash Looking out the window.
Newborn Weimaraner

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