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Hi, I'm Rebecca, married to Michael, and mother to 3 beautiful daughters.

My love for Weimaraners started as a child.  Although I was raised around Siberian Huskies, my passion for weims started on a camping trip to June Lake, CA when I was 12.  My dad and I were on a fishing trip and while we where buying some bait from a local store I saw this gorgeous Grey dog in this store.  I watched as the dog moved and stayed so close to the shop owner.  I just had to ask, "Sir, what kind of dog is that?"  Although at the time I could not pronounce the name, I knew that this breed would be in my future, and here I am 20 plus years later!

At the prime age of 21, I bought my very first Weimaraner, "Essen." Essen was my world, but unfortunately he passed away at the young age of 3 from juvenile diabetes.  My experience with Essen, the love I felt and his sudden passing is what led me to want to get involved with Weimaraners more deeply.  I knew that I wanted to make sure no one had to experience the heartache I had.  I did not have the support from my breeder throughout this ordeal with the loss of my boy.  Following Essen's loss I have been and continue to support weimaraner rescue.  I've taken many fosters into my home and have rehabilitated them to be suited for the perfect family.  In a perfect world rescues and breeder's support one another to continue to educate and better the breed.  I am still very active with all of the CA rescues and at a moments notice will assist where and how I can.  I will always recommend a potential family to consider adopting a rescue weimaraner.

Heidi is Blue's mom and she gave me my very first home bred Champion.  Heidi passed away October 2014.  Heidi was a very special girl to both my husband and myself.  She was smart, beautiful and very bold.  She loved her family very much and not a day goes by that we don't think of her.  It took me almost 2 years before I brought another "show" dog into my home, I spent most of those 2 years rescuing and helping dogs in need.  I knew I had to wait for the right dog at the right time, my heart had to be ready.

My Family

My husband Michael is a integral part in the success in my weimaraners, he assists in all training for field work, and whelping process.  He truly is the best Dad ever!

My three children prepare the puppies to be civilized companions=).  (Most Important training tool).  The children help the puppies become socialized with all sizes of humans.  We also use the Volhard puppy aptitude test, as well as early scent introduction (Avidog's).

My family and I (dogs included) spend the most of our time outdoors.  My husband hunts with the dogs, as a family we go camping, hiking, fishing and enjoy every moment together.  When we are not out playing we lead normal professional lives. My Husband works for the county and I am a Human Resource Manager.

Finding the RIGHT puppy and Weimaraner Breeder: This is the most important step in the process. Be prepared for your initial contact with a breeder to be lengthy. This is your chance to ask everything you can to learn about the process, health testing, wait time, and agreements to be made. Most reputable breeders you will have to wait 6-12 months before a litter is born. It's worth the wait, Trust me. The health testing that reputable weimaraner breeders do are OFA/PennHip, hips and elbows, Thyroid, Eyes (Cerf), and UCDavis Genetic Testing On ALL Breeding partners. Expect that a reputable breeder may only have the Dam and not the Sire, we go to the very best and sometimes that requires shipping semen. Ask your breeder how many litters they have had and how often they breed, reputable breeders do NOT breed often. Reputable breeders will refer you to other breeders in good standing with the WCA Weimaraner Club of America. Speak to as many breeders as you can, you will stay connected to a reputable breeder for the life of the dog and likely after. Submit application to your breeder in your initial contact, this helps us to know a little bit about you and what you are looking for before we talk. Your breeder is likely to invite you to a event show/field to observe their dogs and meet you in person. Always be sure you ASK about the deposit policy, SilverBay Weimaraners do NOT require any money until puppies are whelped.

I hope now that you have some insight as to who I am, I can get to know you. I highly recommend doing research on the breed, if this is your first weimaraner be sure to let your breeder know, a reputable breeder will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly.  Our relationship starts when you get your puppy and it never truly ends.  Thus far, I have been blessed with amazing families who will be a part of our Forever pack. Feel free to follow us on Facebook ( SilverBay Weimaraners) and get to see our day to day happenings.



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Becca and Pixie
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