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On a beautiful November afternoon, my life changed forever - - or should I say FURever! I'll be honest, as I did my research on the regal Weimaraner, I was not sold. I was worried the breed was too energetic for me and my family. You see, I grew up with dogs and for the very fist time ever, I didn't have a dog and wanted one in my life really bad.

Fast forward 4 years. I now find myself getting my family ready to welcome a new member. My husband grew up with a Weimie mix and was dead set that that was the dog he wanted for us. As mentioned, I did my research and boy was I skeptical. But I wanted a dog no matter what! As I began my search, I was shocked at the many so-called "breeders" who were trying to convince me that they were not a puppy mill. I mean, who were they trying to kid? A year later...YES...a year later, I found Rebecca. The minute I began talking to her, I knew this breeder was different. On our first phone call, we were on the phone for over two hours! I knew she was a professional who loved her dogs and wanted nothing but the best for her puppies. Since that phone call, Rebecca and I have become good friends. She introduced me to dog shows and because of it, Maiden and I attended several handling classes. As a puppy, Maiden did really well in her training class. She's learned several basic tricks which made it easier to teach her other tricks. To date, Maiden can bow, give high fives, walk in a figure eight between my legs, and, my favorite, give besos (kisses) just to name a few.

Throughout these three years, Rebecca has been such a great friend, advisor, and confidant. I know that if I have any questions or concerns about Maiden I can go to her anytime. She has given me awesome advice and suggestions (which I always follow). I feel blessed to have found Rebecca. She not only has love for her family and dogs but has such a big heart that there's enough room for me and my family.

- - Adrian, Adriana and Sierra C.


For years my daughter campaigned for a dog. I finally gave in and began researching breeds. I came from a Labrador Retriever background, having owned three over the years. Living in San Diego, I wanted a large breed dog with short hair that would do well in our warm climate. It didn't take long to gravitate towards the Weimaraner breed. Everything I read about their loyalty and intelligence indicated to me that they would be able to fill my requirements.

I came across SilverBay through several online resources and, as luck would have it, they had a litter coming up. After several conversations and a thorough vetting process, we received the news that one of the puppies would be ours. After seeing the joy in my daughter's eyes when we went to pick up Bing I knew I had made the right decision.

Our lives were further enriched several months later when SilverBay called and asked if we would like Harley, Bing's brother and littermate. We jumped at the opportunity. Two years later they are an inseparable, dynamic duo. Each one has made the other a better dog. Bing is our fun and vivacious hound, always ready to play. He and my daughter are devoted to each other. I am comforted knowing that he is by her side at all times.

As I write this, Harley is asleep under my desk. He has become my faithful companion and I am rarely out of his sight. A gentle soul, Harley is forever grateful to be part of our family and not a day goes by that I'm not awed by the love these two show us.

Dan and Katie H.


SilverBay's Miss Dixie

Hello my name is Kevin, after searching and searching for a breeder for my first Weimaraner I came across Rebecca who showed me the ways of a weim. I had an amazing experience with Rebecca and although the interview process was extensive it was well respected. My respect grew with Rebecca from the first call, then visit and even after with as many times as I had questions. Rebecca has a great love and understanding of the breed which she has shared and passed on to me. Rebecca gives great care and ensures you get a healthy pup, it was reassuring and secured my feelings that Rebecca is a respectable breeder. Rebecca has an abundance of knowledge of the breed and is very willing to spend the time passing on the information. Years after getting my puppy from Rebecca she still helps and answers questions. Rebecca was even able to refer me to another breeder when I was ready again. A funny side note-I still call Rebecca about any questions on my second weim because she is so willing to help. My sweet Dixie was the very best thing that could have happened to me and Rebecca was the best person I could have ever met. I lost Dixie April 2014 in Cal City, Ca. Our hearts where broken but Rebecca was by my side every step of the way.

I hope that you find this helpful.

Kevin Gillies

Gillies Electric

SilverBay's The Blood of The Dragon- RioT

Rebecca @ SilverBay Weimaraners has far exceeded my expectations.  From the beginning of this process, we received daily updates and countless pictures starting from the pregnancy, all the way through to the very last day we picked up the babies.  She was there 24/7 for these puppies.  By the time we picked up our new furry kids, we had literally everything we needed to make this process painless.  From what supplements to give them, to vaccination schedule, to feeding requirements, registrations, crate training, bird training, potty training and so on.

The day we picked up our new addition to the family, it felt like we’ve all known each other forever.  There were plenty of laughs, tears of joy, and an undeniable bond that’ll last a lifetime.

SilverBay has very much of a family dynamic.  The puppies were raised around small children and knew how to behave around them as well as other breeds of dogs; different sizes and ages.

I couldn’t be more pleased to have a puppy that came from SilverBay Weimaraners.  As it is, this is my second puppy from them and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  They care so much about their puppies and the future of this amazing breed!

Thank you for all that you do!

-Erika and Riot

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